Puerto Plata
Beaches are the single greatest attraction in and
around Puerto Plata. Its tourist zone includes a
stretch of golden sand beaches estimated at around
300,000 square meters. Eleven kilometers of beach,
reaching from Cofresi to Sosua are being developed
into the needs of the most demanding traveler. The
main beach for Puerto Plata is Long Beach, located
just to the east, along the Malecon. Playa de Long
Beach is the public, urban beach for Puerto Plata.
Both Confresi and Costambar beaches are located
west of Puerto Plata, and are now dominated by
luxury resorts. The beaches in and around Puerto
Plata are fronted by coral reefs, so you can dive and
snorkel when the tides are good. In the vicinity of
Puerto Plata lies Playa Dorada (golden beach), the
beach has an amazing 24 km (15 miles) of white
sand. Up and down the coast are other beaches like
Cabarete, Boca de Cangrejo, Cano Grande,
Bergantin, Playa de Copello, and Playa Mariposa. To
the west of Puerto Plata is a favorite, the shaded
Guarapitao Beach.
Puerto Plata offers you a lot of
amazing tours and attractions like the
Cable Car Ride. This is a tour that
should not be missed during your stay
in Puerto Plata. Located on the top of
Mount Isabel (2555 feet or 855 meters
above sea), this cable car offers you
the beautiful panoramic ocean view
and surrounding areas of Puerto Plata.
It is one of the picturesque and most
impressive excursions that can obtain
a tourist upon visiting the Dominican

On top of the mountain you will find
botanical gardens, a statue of Christ
(similar to the one in Rio de Janeiro,
Brazil), a restaurant and several
souvenir shops. in addition, of course,
to the breathtaking views of Puerto
Plata and the surrounding ocean.
The city of Puerto Plata is lined by an
oceanfront boulevard (Malecon) known
for its open-air restaurants, shops, and
nightlife. This is a scenic area to
explore and enjoy Dominican culture.
When in the city one can't help but
notice the massive walls of Castillo de
San Felipe, the oldest military
fortification in the Americas. The area
boasts large historic area with
buildings dating back to the 1600's.
While in this area it is definitely worth a
tour of the amber museum. The
museum includes samples of ancient
fossils, some worth as much as $50k.
Also take advantage of the rum
factories in the area. These and other
tours are available throughout the city
of Puerto Plata.
The Fuerte San Felipe (San Felipe
Fort) is  located on a small peninsula
on the Bahia de Puerto Plata, the bay
Columbus once had such high hopes
for. The Fort is, in fact, the only
vestige of Puerto Plata's colonial past.
For a little admission fee, you'll be able
to look in on a small historical museum,
and the tiny cell in which the hero of
the Independence movement, Juan
Pablo Duarte, was briefly confined.
You'll find a number of guides hanging
around the entrance to the fort, who
for a small fee, will give you a tour.
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